NFL Playoff Expansion: Yes or No?

NFL owners are discussing possibly adding more teams to an already expanded NFL Playoffs. The latest purposed plan is to have 16 of 32 NFL teams make the playoffs. Why? The answer to all your questions is money. With CDC limitations on fan attendance, owners are making less money and want to recoup as much revenue as possible.

With this format, there is no bye week for the number one seed. Furthermore, having more teams in the playoffs nullifies the importance of the regular season. If you’re the best team, you want that bye week after the regular season. A chance to relax and regroup. With this new plan, teams would not get that chance.

Although I’m not a fan of expanding the NFL Playoffs at all, I do have a solution.

  • 16 teams; 8 teams per conference (I still hate it)
    • 4 divisional winners (get at least one home game)
    • 4 wild card teams
    • Seeds 1&2 get double-bye; Seeds 3&4 get single bye

 A Horribly Drawn Depiction of my Playoff Format

The big negative about this solution is giving the top two teams two weeks off. Humans are creatures of habit. One week off won’t disrupt your habitual mindset too much but two weeks might. The goal of this was to give some type of reward for being great in the regular season.

Although I provided a solution, I still do not like NFL Playoff expansion. As a fan, more football is great…. until it is not. Lastly, NFL players make millions so you may not have sympathy for them but this idea is only being pitched because of NFL owners’ greed and plantation mentality.

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