OG Kendra Defies The Odds

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It is no secret that Brooklyn, New York breeds rappers. Kendra comes straight out of Bedford-Stuyvesant with fresh lyrics and a dominating attitude. At 20 years young, she is a prime example of the common phrase “pressure makes diamonds.” Since birth, Kendra has had to face challenges in life like fitting in and maintaining confidence with her disability. Kendra made it her purpose never to back down or feel down. She was born with Erb’s Palsy, which is paralysis of the arm caused by injury to the upper group of the arm’s primary nerves. Throughout childhood, she gained the confidence to be who she is today — humble, confident, and determined. 

Kendra has been known to defy all odds; every time she’s been told “you can’t,” she turned it into “I can.” At a young age, she learned how to play drums, piano, violin, and guitar. From that point, she developed her passion for all types of music. Like other artists, she uses her music to display that it is possible to do anything regardless of what obstacles appear. Her music has already reached ears with her single and video, “Goodbye” that was released earlier this year. Now under management with Indigo Grant Management, Kendra plans to keep telling her story and go hard so the world can hear her music. Kendra’s music is on all platforms. To keep up with what she is doing, follow her on Instagram here.


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