In this eleventh episode, we discuss how intimacy can influence or harm a person’s mental health. The information in this episode dives into communication aspects that lead to intimacy.
DMVDaily: How do you believe intimacy influences a person’s mental health?
Gabrielle: Yes, it has to do with whether this person received love. Especially, genuine love.
DMVDaily: A lot of times we experience what we think is love when it turns out to be lowkey hate, jealousy, or enviousness.
Gabrielle: Right. I realized that a woman who never received love from her father goes out into the world to look for that fatherly love. This goes for a son who never received the proper love from hi ls mother. He ventures out in this world searching for maternal love.
DMVDaily: What about same-sex relationships?
Gabrielle: It could be a woman who never received maternal love searches for love in other women. Also for a man who never received the right love from his father looks for it in other men. All of these factors can be oblivious to a person. The Father of Psychological Sigmund Freud created the Oedipus and Electra Complex. Social Psychiatrist Carl Jung established a new era version of the Electra Complex. We all know the Oedipus Complex is a son obsessed with his mother and dislikes the father. The Electra Complex is the daughter obsessed with the father and grows to dislike the mother. What about same-sex? These theories are missing or have not been outrightly exposed. These are just theories of mine. I could be wrong. I truly believe a person has the right to love and be intimate with any gender of their choice.
DMVDaily: This is an interesting viewpoint. How does a person differentiate the love that may didn’t receive from their parents or a significant other?
Gabrielle: Hm, they should know by the person. Parental love is different because they are your parents. It’s a forever connection. On the other hand, an intimate relationship with someone else comes and goes.  There is a deep love between a parent and a child because it is a forever love. You cannot stop someone from being your biological mother or biological father.  This is the difference that should be understood from a young age. Most begin to understand this in adulthood. Most children do not believe their mom and dad love them.
DMVDaily: Love is love. However, it is different depending on the social dynamic.
Gabrielle: Exactly.
DMVDaily: What if a person never learns?
Gabrielle: It becomes their choice. Everyone has free will.
DMVDaily: In a previous interview, about a month ago, we asked you the definition of love.
Gabrielle: Love is the above definition I gave. It’s my opinion. The state of intimacy does affect mental health. Intimacy should be consensual and it is pleasurable.
DMVDaily: Are you also using intimacy in place of sex?
Gabrielle: Yes.
DMVDaily: Social behaviors really impact a person’s view on intimacy with any gender.
Gabrielle: We will always have positive and negative viewpoints on intimacy. It becomes scarier when we are oblivious to it all.
DMVDaily: Meaning we are not aware of the issues. 
Gabrielle: We are not aware until we get confronted with social issues.
DMVDaily: What are positive communication aspects for helping intimacy with mental health?
Gabrielle: Communication is always key in any social connection. Showing, receiving and giving love. Understanding and allowing people to be free, meaning to be themselves. Telling a person your social triggers.
DMVDaily: Negative communication aspects?
Gabrielle: Not wanting to understand someone. We can talk and talk but if someone does not understand us then it becomes pointless. Patience is very important. A lot of times lack of patience ruins a social connection. Social dependency is not good.
DMVDaily: Social dependency meaning emotionally depending on someone?
Gabrielle: In addition to what you said, using someone as emotional support filled a void. This is not healthy.
DMVDaily: This happens a lot in intimate relationships. Another phrase is Co-Dependency. 
Gabrielle: Yes. We might have to do part two on this topic.
DMVDaily. We are discussing deep pieces of information which deal with mental health. To close out this episode, we must understand that codependency is not good because the person is using the void as a healing tool. Also, a person who does not grasp proper social connections will lead to an improper intimacy connection.

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