Owner of Maryland Restaurant Vince’s Crabhouse Makes Racist Comments Against Protestors

Vince Meyers, the owner of Vince’s Crabhouse in Fallston Maryland, has been slammed for his racist comments regarding protesters that have emerged amid the death of George Floyd. The local business owner took to social media and posted the following statement:

” There’s one place protestors/rioters won’t light on fire or break into or even block the road to…the social services building.

Shortly after Meyer’s post on Twitter,  protesters of his community expressed their disapproval of his remarks. Many protestors surrounded Vince’s Crabhouse shouting “NO MORE BLACK DOLLARS”, sending the message that he has lost the trust and loyalty of his black supporters. Meyers later issued an apology on Facebook admitting that he is aware that 75% of his customers are African American.  Meyers stated that he considers himself “really close to the black community” and is deeply sorry for his comments. In an attempt to regain the loyalty of the black community, Vince Meyers announced that he would close Vince’s Crabhouse for 9 days to show respect for George Floyd.

The residents of the Fallston community have expressed that his apology is NOT ENOUGH and that Meyers is simply only sorry that he got caught.



{image retrieved from Baltimore Sun]

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