In this ninth edition, The DMVDaily, and Smith discuss the impact that parental guidance has on mental health and individuals of all ages.
TheDMVDaily: Welcome to today’s episode for Mental Health Awareness Month. Does how a person is raised as a child depict their adulthood functions?
Gabrielle: Yes and no. I will select yes as an answer because at home is where you first see and notice certain social dynamics. It becomes your first exposure to how a female and a male are treated and act. Then, when you go out into society this is compared to whatever you see.
TheDMVDaily: This is an interesting point. Why would you say “no?”
Gabrielle: I also answered no because despite how you were raised great supporters can help come in and fill in the gaps your parents might have missed. If you are a little girl who did not receive much love from their mom, then sometimes women will come in to be a supporter to this little girl. This is the same for a little boy. A gentleman will come in to be a father figure to the boy. My answer is yes and no because it varies.
TheDMVDaily: Right because what if that little girl or boy does not have the chance to receive support?
Gabrielle: Then, they will go off of what they since growing up. Unsubconsciously they will pick up the social elements of what they saw. This would be all they know.
TheDMVDaily: How come they won’t go out to find the proper way if they are raised wrong?
Gabrielle: Sometimes people do not know until they reach adulthood. Because people keep things secrets all through their childhood. They wait until adulthood to release or express what happened. This is not healthy.
TheDMVDaily: It is not healthy because they have become accustomed to it for years.
Gabrielle: Sometimes decades. It becomes abnormal when you express to someone outside of your social dynamic how you were raised or what you have been raised around. Abnormal in the sense that the other person was raised differently.
TheDMVDaily: Is there a correct way to raise a child?
Gabrielle: I believe the correct way for anyone to be raised is to be fed and have a roof over their head. They must be treated well. Definitely supported by their dreams and talents. They should be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually unlifted. Most of all they should be treated with an exponential amount of love from both parents.
TheDMVDaily: Well, this is the aim and hope. 
Gabrielle: Yes it is. No one’s childhood or life is perfect. You can only do what you have to do to make it by.
TheDMVDaily: The one thing a person will remember is their childhood for as long as they live.
Gabrielle: Right, which is why it is important to treat your children right and be in their lives. Especially, emotionally. A lot of parents are physically there, but they are not emotionally available. This makes a child become an emotionally unavailable adult.
TheDMVDaily: Someone not having that exposure to emotional intelligence or support will not be emotionally strong as an adult. 
Gabrielle: No, they will not. It is our instinct to go search for what we do not have.
TheDMVDaily: Right. 
Gabrielle: Sometimes we go searching in the wrong places and end up in the wrong spaces. Similar to an animal that goes hunting. The animal will go everywhere and anywhere to hunt for prey regardless of the destination. Their objective is to get their prey or food. This instinct is the same for us humans.
TheDMVDaily: This is true.
Gabrielle: Some adults might have needed more attention as a child. They would not realize this until an adult. Or they could realize this as a child but lack the resources to help it.
The DMVDaily: It is very important to be in tour child’s life. Because if you are not you will be searching for what you didn’t receive from your parents or parent.
Gabrielle: Right. These days children grow up with one parent. This is not healthy.
TheDMVDaily: It psychologically has an impact on the child, especially in their adulthood.
Gabrielle: Yes. Social dynamics are important. Then, it becomes the question of how do you release your new ideology of how genders are treated with what you saw growing up?
TheDMVDaily: Good point. This becomes a challenge. 
Gabrielle: It is the same as what a said about starting a new reality. New reality just means a new mindset.
TheDMVDaily: To close out this episode, we would like to say that it is very important to be in your children’s lives because it has an impact on them later in their adulthood. The early stages of their exposure to social dynamics start in their household. 

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