Paris Saved Me (I’m Not Perfect) Marks Maturity For Hall Jr 2026

Hall Jr 2026, Quinton Hall, is raw and and uncut. Born and raised in Richmond county, he puts his small city/town on the map. While only (25) years old, Hall Jr 2026 is no stranger to the streets. He explains, in first solo project as a solo artist, the hard knock life he lives in and consistently tries to reach out to his incarcerated cousin, Artist, just sentenced to 10 years in prison. His solo debut album entitled Paris Saved Me (I’m Not Perfect), paints a picture of a economically stressed community, weary cops, and rambunctious teens. Hall Jr tells his tales from the hood, and share his dreams with the world. Riddled with stress messages, lyrical whims about the struggle, and brass production, PSM (I’m Not Perfect) is a well put together project that marks growth for the Atlanta artist. Check out 5 songs of amazing content below via spotify.

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