Paul George on Russell Westbrook, Lakers, MVP, & More

Paul George Sits With Adrian Wojnarowski for An In-Depth Interview

Paul George Interview

Oklahoma superstar guard Paul George sat down with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski for an exclusive interview.

The 28-year-old guard spoke about various topics with Wojnarowski and really gave some insight into his choices and basketball career.

Some of these topics include his relationship with superstar teammate Russell Westbrook, why he liked the Lakers when he left the Pacers, what an MVP is in the NBA and much more.

Paul George is averaging 28.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 2.2 steals per game. All which are career-highs for the 9-year veteran.

Watch the full interview now and the see all the topics they discussed with the time mark list below.

(0:00) His first season in OKC and what it meant for his future
(1:03) Learning how to play with Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony in 2017-18
(1:54) Deferring to Russ and Melo
(2:42) Billy Donovan’s offense
(3:32) Offseason conversations with Westbrook
(3:58) What Westbrook values in a teammate
(4:26) What he values in an NBA organization
(5:19) Whether he thought LeBron James would join the Los Angeles Lakers when he made his free agency decision
(6:17) Why he liked the Lakers when he left the Indiana Pacers
(6:53) When he knew he would stay in OKC
(7:32) His NBA MVP candidacy staying in OKC
(8:26) His newfound focus on diet and sleep
(8:52) His previous diet and sleep habits
(9:30) Why he made the change, and what Russ had to do with it
(10:05) What moving from the Eastern Conference to Western Conference meant for his diet and approach
(10:45) Whether he knew right away that 2018-19 would be a better year for him personally
(11:18) If he feels he commands the game better now
(12:10) The most difficult food he had to give up
(12:37) What staying in OKC meant for his relationship with Russ
(13:19) If family members had trouble understanding why he chose OKC over L.A.
(14:11) Whether the Lakers’ struggles and his own play validated his free agency decision
(14:45) OKC possibly being the Golden State Warriors’ biggest threat
(15:27) NBA players’ unhappiness
(15:53) If there’s too much of a focus on free agency
(17:23) The role teams play in free agency
(18:01) What an MVP is in the league
(18:45) Being a two-way player, and what it means for his candidacy
(19:32) How Russ has helped PG be in the MVP race
(20:21) What Russ said to PG to help him this season
(20:45) His game-winning shot and big game vs. the Brooklyn Nets
(21:49) Whether hitting that shot was a load off
(22:33) Whether the nitpicking over his clutch struggles is actually a compliment


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