Philadelphia Man Climbs 15 Stories To Save Mother From Fire

A man from West Philadelphia tried to save his mother from a blazing fire last week by scaling a 19-story building to come to her rescue. Jermaine, who did not give his last name, received a phone call from his sister stating that his mother, a 65-year-old woman named Sheila who is bed-bound, was trapped in her apartment on the 15th floor. He rushed over to her home and stated that the door were blocked by police and they would not let him in the building so he was left with only one option.

“They said the elevators are not working. I said, ‘No problem. I’ll take the steps,” Jermaine told ABC’s Philly affiliate WPVI. “I just want to make sure my mother- my mother is sick, she’s bed-ridden. So I need to get up there. They were like ‘we can’t let you in.’ I took it upon myself because that’s my mother. There’s no limits. That’s my mother.”

Jermaine did not hesitate to take the climb, although he cracked his rib earlier that day. The 35-year-old is a construction worker and roofer, so he was fearless when it came to scaling the building.

“When I grabbed a gate, at the top of the gate, there was a ledge. Then I could step on top of the ledge and reach up to the other gate, and keep climbing my way up,” Jermaine said.

After climbing 15 floors of Westpark Apartments, he said his was surprised to see him come save her.

“She was more shocked. She’s not surprised by the things that I do for her. She knows I’ll go over and beyond for her.”

Thankfully, the fire was contained and his mother was unharmed so he climbed back down. Aside from risking his own life, Jermaine could have also been arrested.

Thankfully, the fire was contained and his mother was unharmed so he climbed back down to the building, Jermaine not only risked his own life but he also could have been arrested.

Source: WKYS DC

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