Phylicia Rashad (Photo by Deborah Feingold/Corbis via Getty Images)

Phylicia Rashad Is Accused Of Enabling Bill Cosby

Apparently, Phylicia Rashad was thrown into a conversation about enabling Bill Cosby but the internet was not having it, according to TMZ

Twitter was celebrating their favorite TV moms on Sunday and Rashad was there on the top of the list, with many fans paying tribute to her on “The Cosby Show”, as Clair Huxtable until a woman on Twitter took the conversation in a whole différent direction. 

A woman who goes by the name of Lisa Talmadge tweeted a very outlandish claim and didn’t even know Rashad’s real name.



She wrote, “Claire Huxtable was an enabler of the longest and most prolific drug rape predator In US history, Bill Cosby. Everyone on set knew he was a sadistic predator. Everyone. 75 women drugged and raped by Cosby and he got away with it because of enablers.” 

Of course, the woman didn’t even spell her first name “CLAIR” Huxtable correctly and many Twitter users have said over and over that Rashad was not responsible for what Cosby was accused of and convicted over. 

Rashad did come to Cosby’s defense in 2015 when sexual assault allegations had surfaced and assumed it was a group of women trying to tarnish a man’s legacy. 

After Cosby was convicted, however, Rashad had softened her stance.

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