Poem Of The Week: My Black Triangle

This week on Poem Of The Week, I would like to introduce Guyanese native Grace Nichols. Grace, also being a well-known poet, her initiative throughout her career, were objectified to bring understanding to the culture between the Caribbean-British. The reason being, she moved into the United Kingdom during her adolescent ages, and with that being the ideal, she was forced to inherit the British culture. As for her poem titled My Black Triangle, a bit more on the explicit side of things. But overall, this piece is relating to the narrative of “The Black woman is God,” even though this statement alone isn’t in the poem, it very much so leads to the correct connotation. Her poem states:

My black triangle
sandwiched between the geography of my thighs

Is a Bermuda
of tiny atoms
forever seizing
and releasing
the world

My black triangle
is so rich
that it flows over
on to the dry crotch
of the world

My black triangle
is black light
sitting on the threshold
of the world

Overlooking deep-pink

and though
it spares a thought
for history
my black triangle
has spread beyond his story
beyond the dry fears of parch-ri-archy

spreading and growing
trusting and flowering
my black triangle
carries the seal of approval
of my deepest self

A magnificent testimony as for black women on the low ball of society, unfortunately, and as for me, this is a ticket of my gratitude to express that black women are the ones, and we need to do better to instill that and continue to make sure of it.

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