Poem Of The Week: Where Have You Gone?

This week on Poem Of The Week I would like to introduce Ms. Mari Evans and her poem titled Where Have You Gone? The Toledo, Ohio native is proven to be known as a Toledo university graduate as well as a Black Arts poet. Also specializing in children’s writing and playwright. Later in her career she began to take an admiration for fellow poet Langston Hughes, also him providing her rightful credit. As for her poem Where Have You Gone, has a controversial angle towards oneself. One to awaken. The poem states:

Where have you gone

with your confident
walk with
your crooked smile

why did you leave
when you took your
and departed
are you aware that
with you
went the sun
all light
and what few stars
there were?

where have you gone
with your confident
walk your
crooked smile the
rent money
in one pocket and
my heart
in another . . .

Although basic attributes such as confidence within oneself were mentioned in the poem, it can also be looked as a matter of taking a glimpse of reality and how it has effected your life up-to-date. Unfortunately, relating to present day times minorities most definitely feel as such. Our smile, confidence, stripped. Will things revert back to normal ways or are we on the brink of a new normal? As for now, one seems more likely than the other.

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