Police ID 19-year-old student accused of attacking another student with a frying pan at Montgomery County school

A high school student from Montgomery County is under arrest after attacking another student with a frying pan.

The incident took place at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda.

Students had informed Fox5 that the incident took place in one of the portable classrooms outside during a health class.

19-year-old Prince Cutchember was arrested and charged with first degree assault.

A letter was sent home to parents regarding the incident that took place during fourth period. According to police, Cutchember hit a 15-year-old classmate over the head with a frying pan.

School security was able to break up the fight and Montgomery County police responded which resulted in Cutchember being arrested. It is unclear where the frying pan had came from.

Meanwhile, around the same time, someone at the school pulled the fire alarm causing the building to be evacuated. Students were outside for about 20 mins before returning back to class.

 “We were all scared because of all the recent shootings that have happened around here and we were all very frightened. And then at the end of the period the fire alarm went off and we didn’t know whether to go out or not and so we all filed out. And there were like 7 cop cars and we saw the guy get put into the back of the cop car….The ‘pan man’….We all had to stand 500 yards outside of the school, ambulances and firetrucks showed up, it was very frightening.” said a student talking to Fox5 Reporters


Captain Tom Jordan with Montgomery County police stated, “It’s unknown what precipitated (the attack), it seemed to be focused on one student but we are not sure what the history was’s just unusual.”

Source:Fox5 News

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