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Power Talk With Power People


Upcoming star influencers Ashley France and Michell Clark spike words of wisdom to the crowd in Arlington Virginia late Wednesday meeting and I took in every bit of knowledge they elaborated about. The event ‘Power Talk’ was hosted by Breanna Aponte and she captivated the crowd with her elegant discourse, exquisite beauty, and loving personality. Now below I will post quotes from each influencer below that you need to know!

Michell’s Words of Wisdom


His Instagram is MichellCClark. He just released a really good EBook ‘Keep It 100’ which he relates to millennial about his life and the millennial struggle to strive for the goals they want to achieve. He was a hip hop blogger for seven years and then became a social media consultant. Now he’s a official writer with a sarcastic, humorous nature that people love. Check out his knowledge below:

  • “price point to save you a barrier to save you from the ‘finesse'”
  • “Always be able to adapt, they’re so many different parts to the process
  • “A price point that is too high for one audience is the expectation for one audience and too low for one audience.”
  • “Talk to everybody and be a student of the game.”
  • “Think future tense, built in the ground work and be honest with yourself! Put in the ground work.”
  • “Look at yourself to ensure consistence in your growth.”
  • “Everybody has a brand, your brand can change your life, and everybody is a brand.”

Ashley France Goal’s


Originally a beauty and natural hair influencer, Ashley invokes beauty and grace into every words she speaks! Check out her consultation company http://iamashleynicolee.com and also check out her journey via YouTube! Her Instagram is IAmAshleyNicolee. Read you words of wisdom below:

  • “Telling your story using your resources, harder than meets the eye”
  • “Consistency is key”
  • “Never change your backstory but always look to adapt your focus”
  • “Inspiration is good but pure imitation is poison”
  • “Never copy a concept but take influence”
  • “Know your lane, be yourself, love yours”
  • “Know your worth by being confident your stance”


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