Pretty Ricky Plans To Ignite Your “Body” During The Quarantine With New Single + Video

Photo Credit: Flo Ngala

Pretty Ricky!? Well that’s a throwback name in music people should remember but few might not. They are back with a new single titled “Body.” You might remember the famed R&B group Pretty Ricky, composed of Spectacular, Pleasure P, Baby Blue Whoaaaa, and Slick ‘Em, from past hits in the 2000s era such as “Grind On Me,” “Love Like Me,” “On The Hotline,” and more super catchy hits. Hearing that the group is back to making music in 2020 instantly caught me attention due to the simple fact that it was so random but needed in a time where it’s so much doubt and fear in the world due to the corona-virus epidemic. Pretty Ricky had a powerful statement about making music during this eerie period in history. 

“Your job is to stay at home to save the world. Our job is to make music you can make love to while at home.” – Pretty Ricky 

The sultry slow jam brings listeners into the world of the famed boy band with blended vocals from the members combining with a smooth production to create baby-making tunes much needed for lovers to make babies during the quarantine. It gives fans of Pretty Ricky nostalgic memories of their greatest hits and brings in new fans with the amazing quality of the song. In an era where some people think R&B is dead, Pretty Rick shows that it’s alive and well. 

The video, which premiered off Worldstar, accompanies the seductive vibe of the single effortlessly. Shot in dim blue lights, the quartet recites the brilliantly written lyrics of the song while being surrounded by a plethora of gorgeous women in a luxury bed covered in red satin sheets. Overall, it’s passionate and smooth on the viewers’ eyes. Bringing back fans’ favorite memories of the boy band, Pretty Ricky’s latest single “Body” is a hit! 


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