Prince George’s County police want to bridge the gap with the community and created an event called “Hoops With a Cop.” The first event was held at the Avenue Apartments in Forestville this past Monday.

Participants included officers and students in the Explorers Program. The Explorers Program is for students ages 14 to 20 interested in learning more about law enforcement and possible careers.

Picture Credit: WTOP Valerie Bonk

The basketball goal was donated by a local Target. The cops then decided to use it for this cause.

Prince George’s County police spokesman Thomas Lester stated:

“At times we depend on the community. It all starts with the community, the community feeling comfortable coming to us and talking to us, so events like this build that relationship and bring that engagement.

This just goes full circle. It started with an interaction with one of our businesses here in the District 8 community. We took that and brought it right back into the community.

“There are officers out here that care, and we want that message to go all across the county — that we’re loving; we’re caring. We want to build that rapport, so that way, people will come to talk to us.” –

The police will continue the event with more games in the local area.


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