Protest continue across the nation against police violence

Across the country protest have expanded from Minnesota to Georgia, New York, Kentucky, California, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan, Florida and right here in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

Residents have gathered in unity to speak against the violent or even deadly force from police enforcement. From year to year these cases continue, particularly the most recent harmful violence that led to the passing of George Floyd.

Now fired and charged Ex-officer Derek Chauvin, protest continue against the violence and discriminatory practices of police, along with recent comments from President Trump.

Comments from President Trump continue to create division amongst the nation, stating “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” along with calling protestors “thugs.”

Curfews have been enacted for many cities across the nation including Milwaukee, Miami, Rochester, Portland, Cleveland, Columbus Seattle, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Denver, Atlanta, Las Angeles, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Currently, 25 cities across 16 states have enacted curfews.

State of Emergency and the National Guard have also been activated in Washington D.C., Utah, Georgia, Ohio, and Colorado.

As many continue to organize Samuel Sinyangwe, co-founder of Campaign Zero, tweeted legislation proposed and/or passed across the nation that can address relations with the police and community.

Across the nations protest continue with tension amongst protestors, residents, and police. Each state continues to see peaceful protest to more violent encounters enacted by police and civilians. In various circumstances there have been arrest amongst protestors.

As organizers continue to press forward, many issues continue throughout the night and moving into tomorrow with more protest to come.

Below is recent video footage from various states tweeted since Thursday.

Washington D.C.




New York





South Carolina

North Carolina









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