R.Rose – Aqua Blue Nights EP

 Maryland musician R.Rose embodies emotional decadence and difficulties in his latest EPAqua Blue Nights.” Curated in a split hip hop, R&B, and autotune style similar to Kid Cudi, Rose presents his trauma in a unique manner, which evokes deep, conscious thoughts into the ears of listeners. Composed of five tracks, Rose thoroughly describes inner turmoil with his best gift, making music.


“In this project, I sincerely express the personal struggle of sexual addiction, dealing with emotional trauma, my sincerest, and most profound desire of wanting to be righteous and evolve through all my shortcomings. I internalized the power of sexual addiction and how lust, most times overpowered my judgment at times, especially when dealing with female counterparts. Also, I suffered from emotional trauma since I was a kid and expressing how it relates to my addictions. However, deep inside, I yearn to rise above these flaws, and the first step is acknowledgment. As a letter to myself, this project was me acknowledging these things.” R.Rose 


Track List


  • Lover Boy
  • Motions
  • Wrong Things FT. Sya RNB
  • Depression And Model Girls
  • Falling Stars



Emotional and intuitive, Rose puts together a smoothly curated project, which is sure to dim the mood and get you through those “Aqua Blue Nights.” The EP is available on all streaming platforms.


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