Redesigning Minds is helping the Baltimore community once again, this time with their first annual Holiday drive. 

Families in need are able to obtain hats, gloves, coats, toys, and other items. It’s one of the silver linings in Baltimore City, a place known for drugs and the high murder rate. A place some people dare not even enter because of the crime.

With all the trauma that comes for some in Baltimore, Redesigning Minds is a psychiatric rehabilitation center program aimed to help kids’ mental health.

“We noticed that a lot of times kids that suffer from or have mental health situations people have a tendency to target them as behavioral problems. I just wanted to think what could we possibly do for the people that have already went through or gone through or will go through what I went through.

“Redesigning Minds, the whole name and the concept came [from] just change the way people think,” Wise said. “Let us know that in a bad situation there’s always a way to think and make it a positive situation.” – Michael Wise (Ceo of Redesigning Minds)

The organization was created three years ago by Michael Wise. To be a part of the program the child must see a therapist, and get an evaluation to find out the main cause of their behavior.

They have accumulated more than 350 kids and helped them with anger management, conflict resolution, obtaining jobs, and much more.

If you’re interested in signing your kids to be a part of Redesigning Minds, you can learn more about the organization by visiting their website.

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