Rev City Releases Visual For Debut Single “Cook Up”


Rev City, a.k.a. “The Drip God” is a talented and creative rapper representing Detroit, MI.  Lately, Rev has been pushing his recent project “Drip God” streaming on major platforms. Today, he releases the video of the most popular single entitled “Cook Up“., which was the first completed track from the project.

Most artists take months to release a project, but it only took Rev approximately two weeks to finish recording “Drip God”. What delayed him the most was favoring certain tracks. This is what he had to say:

”When you’re an artist, you can’t love on a record, just because I like it doesn’t mean theyre going to like it,” he expressed.

Upon the release of the mixtape, Rev hosted a listening party and his song selections were aligned with the crowd’s tracklists.

Aside from “Cook Up“, Rev has some other banging on the project singles including “Go-go” ft. Bigg Juan and Dash Jordan, his former group members with who he frequently collaborates. “Big Facts” is Rev’s third single off the tape and his favorite song from the project.

“I feel like this is the dopest, firest, ratchetest projects I’ve ever put out and I’m going to keep giving it all and give it a million percent every time,” he exclaimed. Rev City is dedicated to his fans and his artistry.

Follow Rev on IG, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok: @revcity and on Facebook at Delveechio Anthony.

Check out the visuals to “Cook Up” and let us know what you all think.


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