Rico Nasty released her visuals for her summer-friendly single “Magic.”

The single came out in June and was well received by her fans, so the music video was imminent. The video features the Prince George’s County native on desert roads riding a dirt bike with the crew while showing off a variety of clothing styles and hair.

It’s a feel-good song that has her boasting about how she and man have made it through whatever and really shows that love can grow into something magical.

I’ve been through a lot, know I reflected on you
You there when they not, what more could I want from you?
I need you by my side, you always know what to do
Get me out of my mood and show me and prove
This ain’t nothing that I had before unless it’s déjà vu
And I knew you in the past life that I had before
Reminiscing the feelings, the way you turned me on
Never tripping on issues ’cause we could fix ’em all
It was hard trying to love, but I learned it though
Give you all of my trust ’cause you earned it all
I know you feel the sparks going on and on, and on, and on, and on

Watch the full video below and if you haven’t already, stream her album “Nightmare Vacation.”

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