He Rose Again, The Significance Of Derrick Rose 50 Point Game


He Fell But In 50, He Rose To New Heights

Derrick Rose gets emotional after a career game

Everybody remembers when Derrick Rose was the most valuable player in the NBA. Then next in line to join Michael Jordan as a Chicago legend. With athletic ability like a gazelle, the aggressiveness of a lion, the speed of a deer in headlights, and the heart of a champion, Rose was on top of the world. He was on top of the world, then tragedy struck and he injury his leg severely. Not only once but twice and the Rose bandwagon became empty. Multiple comparisons to former NBA start Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway started to arise.

Penny, like Rose, was one of the biggest superstar in the NBA at one point in the 90s. He was even argued against Jordan as the face of the league, had his own signature show with NIKE, and was in multiple commercials. Then he got injured and never captured the same heights in his career again. So the comparison between him and Rose were natural.

Rose has had multiple stents in the NBA since he came back with New York and Cleveland didn’t pan out greatly for Rose and people began to lose hope in him. His knees even became the butt of multiple jokes and his confidence was shattered.  Then he became a Timberwolf and glimpses of old Rose began to arose.

Penny Hardaway

His stat line with Minnesota this season is 18.8 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebound a game to go with a PER of 18.48 means Derrick Rose is playing a level we have not seen since he was the prodigy coming out of Memphis being hailed as the next great Chicago superstar who will succeed Jordan. While that didn’t work out, Rose never quit getting back into playing shape and while he may never reach those heights ever again, he achieved something he never achieved when he was the MVP.

A 50 point game and it was a explosion of vast emotion.

We saw Rose attack the Utah Jazz with the same Lion pride he had back in Chicago and it was a sight to behold. All of social media and players around the league had praise for Rose efforts. His stat line was 50 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds, a steal, and a block but the bigger message was after the game. Rose shed tears of joy and emphatically stated “I worked my ass off.” It was so powerful that it had a feel good sports movie ending feel to it and it spread the bigger message. Like Rose he never gave up so never give up on your dreams.

Hopefully Rose can continue to build on momentum from this game and capture that old Rose magic back in Chicago for at least one more season. If not, we are all happy to say the old Rose Passion is back. One day, this will be a 30 for 30 comment and with a player we all rooted for. No longer what could’ve have been with Rose anymore, he fell and Rose again.

He is the new pillar of never giving up. One day in ten years we can all look back at the game and say that regardless of what happens to us in life, never give up because Derrick had all the odds against him and still did it.

To conclude this article, I must applaud Derrick for all of his hard work and I personally wish him nothing but the best. Seven years ago, he was one of my favorite players and now he is one of my favorites again!

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