Rumors of potential NBA Comeback plan for 2020 season

The NBA could be making a comeback mid-summer 2020. The NBA season has been postponed since March 11th amid the coronavirus pandemic. ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski shared some details on the possible return plan. The NBA is set to vote Thursday afternoon with a confirmed official return plan. In a typical NBA season, the summertime is usually the ending of the playoffs leading into the finals. Mid coronavirus, the brackets are being shifted to finish the season differently.

There will be a total of 22 teams from the east and west conference. Two teams have been “eliminated” from the west based on rankings prior: The Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves. There are six teams not qualifying from the east: Hornets, Bulls, Knicks, Pistons, Hawks, and Cavaliers. Adrian tweeted that “The play-in format requires a double-elimination format for the 8th seed, a single-elimination for the 9th seed” This plan is meant to have teams compete for the 8th spot based on how the team performance before the cancelation. Whichever team is in the 8th seed makes playoffs. If any teams have competed in fewer than four games, a play-in tournament will happen all to fight for the 8th bracket. Teams who already clinched a playoff slot will play eight regular-season games to determine who’s in the finals. Players have been conditioning, working out, and practicing at home since the shutdown. Teams are in talks of having limited team practices.  Travel would be limited, and the amount of staff per team would not exceed 35 people. The first game could start late July at Walt Disney World Resort in  Orlando, Florida. The finals would be in October. Though this proposal will most likely execute, according to commissioner Adam Silver, there are other propositions to end the 2020 season. The league is expected to make a final decision on Thursday.


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