Savvy The Brand: Active Clothing That Meets Your Lifestyle


Have you been looking for active clothing?  Well, let me introduce you to Savvy The Brand, a local Black-owned business selling authentic active clothing and streetwear based in Prince George’s County, MD. Savvy The Brand is a luxury streetwear brand that prides itself on representing the community while curating experiences. All designs and styles are developed personally by the company, in order to bring customers a unique and vibrant look. Their collections feature many items such as premier tees, sweaters, sweaters, footwear, accessories, women’s clothing, and more.



About Savvy The Brand

Born out of the desire to overcome, Savvy The Brand was not developed overnight, it was created with a passion and dream. The hard work and dedication that is brought to the brand, is the same dedication that helps brings their designs and ideas to life. Giving creators the opportunity and freedom to express themselves and succeed. The sports-luxe brand and athleisure clothing are primarily made for dynamic performance for any occasion, maintaining comfortability and functional design in every single signature piece.

Each of Savvy The Brand’s collections has been featured throughout prominent corners, the versatile and authentic fashion allows for customers to pave a way for themselves by elevating any wardrobe to new heights. Aside from providing a seamless shopping experience, the brand strives to be at the forefront of the latest trends consistently. By teaming up with the hottest influencers and creators in the area, they are able to come out with emerging looks. Savvy The Brand‘s identity focused on being different from the average local clothing brand. They are a reflection of the streets, mixing luxury with a modern, athletic look. Check out their apparel down below.


Please visit the SavvyTheBrand website to purchase their items. You can stay up to date with the brand by following them on Twitter & Instagram @SavvyTheBrand.


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