Search Still Underway For A White Man Who Wore Blackface During Maryland Bank Heist

PERRYVILLE, MD – This past Tuesday, around 1 PM, a PNC in Perryville, MD, was robbed by a white man wearing “blackface.”

The teller who was approached and slipped a piece of paper that read, “Hey, I want all your money. Don’t give me a handbag. I want all the money in the drawer,” initially told investigators the suspect was African-American. After police reviewed the surveillance video, they noticed the robber had a Caucasian wrist between a gloved hand and the sleeve of his heavy jacket.

“You could see that he was not a black male. He obviously covered his face in something black. I don’t know if it was makeup, or what. We are still investigating,” Chief of police Allen Miller tells ABC News.

The entire robbery lasted between 15 to 20 seconds, including the getaway in a gray Ford Focus with his hat pulled down low. After she was given the note, the teller emptied her drawer before the assailant retrieved the money and left. No weapons were displayed or implied.

The suspect is said to be about 5’8, 180 pounds.

When queried whether additional charges for wearing blackface during the robbery would adhere, chief Miller tells ABC News that is decided by Cecil’s County State’s Attorney.

“Obviously he’ll be charged with robbing a bank, but I don’t know if additional charges will be placed on him. Will confer with the state’s attorney in reference to that.”

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