Social Disconnection & Platonic Bonds Influence on Mental Health with Investigative Journalist Gabrielle Alexandra Smith

In this tenth episode of our mental health series, we discuss how breakups and mistakes from social disconnections influence a person’s mental health.
TheDMVDaily: Social connections are very important in this human world.
Gabrielle: Yes, they are. Social connections help shape the scope of our social foundation outside of our household and family.
TheDMVDaily: How would a breakup or a loss of connection with someone influence their mental health?
Gabrielle: This question is of course opinionated. I cannot speak for everyone. It would depend on what the reason was for. A lot of time it is our fault and it is not our fault.
TheDMVDaily: Let’s say it is not our fault. Let’s create a scenario. A friendship breaks up. A guy cheated on you.
Gabrielle: This scenario can definitely have an impact on a person’s mental health. The woman might change the way she views men based on the break-up. A lot of things in this world change how we once view things. This can be for the good or for the bad. This is life.
TheDMVDaily: This is true. Do you believe his cheating will have a positive effect?
Gabrielle: Yes. Always. I would hope so. Just because negative things happen to us does not mean there was not a positive message or symbol in it. In this scenario, maybe I dodged a bullet from becoming a battered girlfriend or wife later down the line.
TheDMVDaily: Yes.
Gabrielle: Occurrences in life change people’s viewpoints. I would want to figure out exactly why he cheated. This would be out of curiosity. Sometimes cheating on a significant other can be a cry for attention. I am not condoning cheating on anyone. There is always a reason. The questions always become, why could they not tell me or their significant other? Are they afraid?
TheDMVDaily: In relationships or marriages, cheating happens a lot when someone is not satisfied.
Gabrielle: Right. This satisfaction does not always have to be sexual. Sometimes a person might want to be complimented or just shown basic love. Some people are emotionally unable to their lovers. This is not shown in the beginning. The beginning is when the emotions for each other are just settling in. It is kind of risky and scary because you meet someone and you figure out they are emotionally unable.
TheDMVDaily: What are ways to help an emotionally unable person whether they are in a relationship or not?
Gabrielle: I am no doctor. I would say that communication is key for everyone. I would also say seek help. However, a lot of the time it can be hard to seek help for something you do not notice about yourself. You cannot seek help by being in denial. This helps no one. Also, having your partner point out the emotional triggers for when you are emotionally unable.
TheDMVDaily: I liked the last comment. I believe everyone can have moments when they are emotionally unable.
Gabrielle: But what moments? Are these moments when a normal human being should be expressing good emotions or is it when you should not. Some people can mix it. A person who does not show positive emotions is a sociopath. Some people can have issues mixing up their positive and negative emotions in situations. Everyone expresses emotions. This is even through silence.
TheDMVDaily: Do you think that this emotional imbalance has any impact on past connections?
Gabrielle: Of course. Maybe the new person triggers it without you knowing. You sometimes have to put yourself in situations to know what your triggers are.
TheDMVDaily: Another scenario, let’s say this breakup was a friendship. Would this loss of connection be at the same emotional height as a relationship?
Gabrielle: Again, this is all opinionated. It would factor in how long the friendship and reason.
TheDMVDaily: Right.
Gabrielle: I would prefer a friendship over a  relationship because you learn more about the person. I currently prefer no friendships at the moment.
TheDMVDaily: This is true. Platonic Bonds help us control our emotions a little better than in a relationship. 
Gabrielle: There is a lot of emotional freedom and freedom period.
TheDMVDaily: Do not forget the subliminal.
Gabrielle: Yes. I am talking about real friendships. Not lowkey non-platonic bonds.
TheDMVDaily: Do you believe a male and female can be platonic friends?
Gabrielle: Yes, once one of them establishes that one does not like one another or has gotten over their crush. It is human nature and free will to like who we please. If you are around a person to associating with this person, you will gradually develop a likeness. This is for anyone or anything. Males and females can be platonic friends.
TheDMVDaily: A lot of times one person does not tell for years.
Gabrielle: Yes this is true. Well, in this case, they would be preserving the friendship. These days it is hard to find a nice and genuine friend. This is in my opinion.
TheDMVDaily: It depends on where you are searching.
Gabrielle: I do not search anyone. People come or go in this life. No need to get emotions tangled up in a connection. There are people in life who are there to help for a period of time.
TheDMVDaily: To close out this episode, we would like to gather that social breakup influences a person’s mental health and how they later perceive situations. Platonic bonds might be smarter or turn into a social disconnection. Emotional stability plays a vital role in social connections. 

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