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Starting April, Prince George’s County School’s Will Begin Hybrid Learning

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Monica Goldson announced Phase 1 will be to reopen Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) on April 8 for in-person and distance learning. While some students will continue distance learning from home, others will be in the classroom learning while maintaining the safety of the students and staff.  


“In April, we will implement a hybrid learning schedule, where students can split their time between in-person and remote learning, and that families may opt into. We believe this plan prioritizes health, safety, equity, and excellence,” said Dr. Goldson in a news release.


According to the news release posted on the PGCPS website, Phase 1 includes a two-day hybrid learning schedule for all special education students in kindergarten through 12th grade and students in pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) through sixth grade and 12th grade. Phase 2 will begin April 15th, which will include instructions for all remaining seventh grade through 11th grade. Hybrid learning will continue until the end of the school year.

Sports has already resumed earlier this month for in-person afterschool conditioning and outdoor workouts. Spring sports practices will begin April 6 and Spring Break will continue as schedules for all students, March 29th through April 5.

“As a school system, we have shown restraint in not rushing to reopen,” said Dr. Goldson, “and we will continue to adhere to metrics for safe school reopening based on COVID-19 indicators.”

For questions or more information on the reopening of PGCPS, you can visit or contact the Office of Communications by phone at 301-952-6001 and or by email at 

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