Summer Walker’s highly anticipated sophomore album is here, and available on all music streaming platforms. The theme of the album seems to tell a love story most women go through with the different stages in a relationship; puppy love, breakup, toxic rekindling, and moving forward.

The transition between each song seems to be the key as the album starts with a song called Bitter (Narration by Cardi B). 

This song sets the tone of the album, showing that vulnerable side of Summer, but being direct with whom this anger is towards. It’s anger about the way a man treats her, people who want clout, baby mothers, and the ones who attempt to be in her business. These “clout chasers” always want to argue with her versus him. Always being resentful towards her, but really about the fact that she is with him. The narration from Cardi B. is not necessarily a collab, but an interlude of a voicemail where she advises Summer to take all the speculations and put it into her music. Before the album release, Summer published a tracklist tease showing the important dates in making each song. So it is a possibility there is a connection between the date and when the song was written. Cardi B. advises Summer to change the narrative and” If b#$%*es wanna get clout off you, you need to get clout off them…hit them where it hurts and makes money off your music” After the narration, the album then follows through to the next song transitioning into the first single released off this collection,  Ex For A Reason.


The outline seems to be about the love she had with someone was just a façade. It was nothing but fancy gifts, trips, and riches but when it came down to the emotional standard, she was not being fulfilled. The transition between Reciprocate, and You Don’t Know Me are two songs that describe what a lot of women are going through with breakups or in a relationship. It’s a moment where they feel that their partner is not giving the same energy they do. As most time, women are going to do whatever and anything to keep the man emotionally. With the man not reciprocating the same energy, it turns into yelling, screaming, and arguments when it doesn’t feel like their partner knows them anymore.

Then the mood of the song slowly shifts into a more neutral stance, being okay with single life and accepting that it’s time to move on with the song “Unloyal“. Summer teamed up with Ari Lennox to create a very jazzy R&B tune telling the man she is done taking his energy but implying that the new changes in her mindset must mean she “Unloyal” to not deal with this anymore. 

This album has many collaborations with artists like SZA, Omarion, Pharrell, and The Neptunes, Ari Lennox Cardi B, Ciara, and Lil Durk. Even though the vibe has now turned into leaving the man and his toxic ways; as many love stories go; the thought of taking back the person who’s hurt them the most seems to spark. It’s been experienced through many breakups, and it slowly goes into a toxic unloving relationship which seems to be the transitional moment with the song Toxic with Lil Durk and Dat Right there with Pharrell and the Neptunes. As in most breakups, there comes a time of a possible rekindling as Summer talks about hearing many rumors and accusations about her man but ultimately wanting people to leave her alone about her decision in taking him back. Again, a story most people can relate to.  Also, the story of constantly “Screwin” to fill the void but also reflecting on the toxicity of what you left but still missing it. Summer’s collab with Omarion perfectly describes this phase in the breakup levels of leaving. This phase comes where we think we’re doing everything to leave emotionally but still a connection to feel physically needed. There’s still a reflection period in this time of physical needs that Summer gives fans with the song, Session 33 as the awakening happens where we now see that this man wasn’t the best. He had all the money but was treating her awful, seeing she never got the love she wanted. The changes came a long time ago realizing “their house is not a home”.   

Even though all these phases, we tend to still believe in love after the heartbreak, transitioning into hope in the final song.

Ending the album, with Ciara’s prayer. Most expected the prayer to be about what she said exactly to get Russell Wilson. Her prayer ended up being about putting love into herself first, trusting the plans God has even though right now it’s more pain and hurt than love. Then Ciara goes into praying for a good man but not necessarily asking for anything specific but sending a man who loves her just as much as God loves her.

“I’m broken, but I’m Beautifully Broken” 

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