Swiezo Drops New Single “Pinata”

Maryland jack of all trades musician Swiezo is back with an eccentric, party-themed single titled “Pinata,” which blends hip-hop and Urban Latino in the most authentic of ways with the help of Licui. Known throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area for his unique look and music, Swiezo conceptualizes rockstar themes with African American culture, which makes him one of a kind. 

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Swiezo is the wild child of the DMV when it comes to curating music, which touches all cultures and avenues of life. He embraces who he is in the best way possible, with his diverse music. Inspired by the wits of Kurt Cobain and savvy of modern hip hop artists, the jack of all trades blends both worlds, which can be heard in this latest single.  

Check out a few quotes from Swiezo about the track below:

When you hear something new, you have to gravitate towards that because that person brings in a new wave.” – Mez The Producer (after listening to Pinata)

“I think I’m the first DMV artist with an Urban Latino song.” – Swiezo

“I never fit in before, so don’t expect me to do that sh*t now.” – Swiezo


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