Fantastic or Flop? Tarte Cosmetics Newest Line Lacking Diversity.

Tarte Cosmetics Lack of Diversity in Newest Launch

Tarte Cosmetics is a well-known makeup company to many makeup artists, makeup lovers and all beauty gurus with the top-rated product being their shape tape concealers. The company is under fire after the newest launch of a foundation line has received negative feedback for lacking shade range. The foundation has pro-long wear and 15 different shades with medium to full coverage. There is also an option to choose between the matte or hydrating version making it 30 foundations to choose from for your skin type, but not necessarily all skin tones.Tarte released the new foundations but failed to have a diverse shade range for POC (people of color). There are only 2 shades that are relatively darker and different than the other twelve. Many have expressed their opinion on social media about the lack of diversity with the shades. Many people have claimed to stop supporting the company and are very disappointed in this since the foundation is based on their best selling product; shape tape concealer. This beauty community is no stranger to lack of diversity in representation of black women or brownskin beauties in general. The only major companies that have shown a slight interest in the diversity of shades has been Maybelline, Makeup Forever and the newest launch of Fenty beauty by Rihanna. Makeup companies have continually shown a lack of respect for darker skin tones but continue to release products for the lighter shade. Tarte has recently sent out their PR packages to Youtubers to review their foundations in hopes that this will create a positive outlook. In reality, the only PR packages sent are for the lighter tones. The lack of diversity has been around since makeup was first created. It never seems like there is a high-end company that actually cares for all the skin type and tones up until the launch of Fenty beauty. This is why It is so important to support black-owned businesses and companies with less of a following. It is important to promote and support companies that actually care about melanin skin like Beauty Bakerie, Black Opal, and Shea Moisture. Support those small and black-owned businesses such as my personal favorite, Koyvoca cosmetics. Support your friend business if they wanna sell cosmetics, go and explore other companies outside of tour comfort zone. There are so many companies that are waiting for your support.


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