Taylor Elajas Debuts his Pop Culture Show Entitled Predawn Thoughts

Taylor Elajas is making a debut of his pop culture show entitled Predawn Thoughts. Already buzzing across social media, Predawn Thoughts is a show where speakers can express their thoughts, opinions, and ideas of influential names in the entertainment

This show, in particular, will allow Elajas to update his viewers on present global issues within the marketing industry and the world of entertainment. In addition to that, the show will also provide insight into how to support your digital marketing efforts using podcasts, the use of disruptive technologies and artificial intelligence to enhance the digital experience, and much more.

The guest appearances on the show include Vivid Jay, Tai Dayy, Juwan
Blaze, Shot by DP, and more. The first season of the show will contain 7 episodes that are approximately 16-30 minutes long. The debut episode is an engaging and interactive show where contestants will be required to pick a side on the different questions. Other previous related shows worth your while include Decipher the Mumble, A Day in the Life of LJ, and Elajas on The Street.

About Taylor Elajas

Taylor Elajas is a renowned name in the entertainment field. He is an accomplished
interviewer, having sat with big names in the industry such as Rob Markman, Ron Suno, and
Jaquae, to mention a few. To date, his entertainment network, EBNTV, has managed to
garner over 11 million across several social platforms.

He has received recognition by media outlets, Suburban, Say Cheese TV, and Amanda
Seales. Elajas has been vigilant with his platform and has released an e-book in 2020 on
leveraging social media platforms for digital marketing. 2020 was rather a successful year for Elajas, having amassed a following of over 100 000 and setting an excellent foundation for his digital marketing service.


EBNTV is a pop-culture platform pioneered by Taylor Elajas. EBNTV has changed the way
people get information and insights into the entertainment world. Ensuring that the
audience gets their hands on the latest news and hot entertainment topics through the

The platform generates over 11 million views across multiple social media platforms and has
attracted over 100,000 followers. With the help of the EBNTV colleagues and followers, we
are able to get in touch with what other people know and think about various topics of


Be a part of the EBNTV forum and get the chance to contribute to the
different topics and share your opinions on various issues. Click the link here to participate in the Predawn Thoughts episodes, where you will pick your side and see other contestants’ views.

Stay up to date with Taylor by following on Instagram @tayloreljas and follow his business pages @ebntv & @ebnmarketing

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