Tevin towns have done it again. In December, he put together his very first “Eyetagraphy” class where he taught dozens of photographers all of his tricks to become a better photographer. Tevin and his team gathered photographers from all areas of Maryland to network and learn valuable skills that can take their photography career to the next level.
Now that that is over, Tevin and his team put together something even bigger. They team up with professional boxer and Baltimore influenced Lorenzo “TRUCK” Simpson. After speaking with Tevin he told us that “So many photographers want the chance to work with Truck. I’m blessed that he is my cousin but I understand it may be difficult to work with him due to his hectic training schedule. I wanted to put together a chance that Truck can help all of the photographers get a chance to work with him to shoot with a professional athlete and build their resumes”. The truck is someone who is known for his community work throughout Baltimore. He makes it his duty to help the youth many times throughout each year.
This event is to help photographers showcase their talents, connect with others, and gain experience. Tevin is not your average photographer; he is an influencer, leader and caring individual that wants to see success from people no matter the lane they choose.
For more information to learn about this event contact the following via Instagram:
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