The Bigger Picture: Sport Leagues Step Up For Black Lives Matter

New Orleans Pelicans players kneel and lock arms during the national anthem before an NBA basketball game against the Utah Jazz, Thursday, July 30, 2020, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. . (Charles King/Orlando Sentinel via AP)

It’s bigger than the Sports… It was a lake show putting out the fire of the blazers.

Lakeshow Lakers had a Fire performance against the Blazers in Game 4 setting the playoff series for a 3-1 standing with a potential advancement for the Lakers in the next game.

Blazers Damion Lillard was out by the third quarter with a right knee injury and will not return for the game or the following. This game was significant for the Los Angeles Lakers because it was on 8.24 which is considered Kobe day to a sports fan. It is coincidently the day that was deemed to Kobe a day after his birthday.

JR Smith also ties with the Laker legend Kobe Bryant for the all-time list of playoff threes. The game ended with a blowout score being 135-115.

The Blazers and Lakers were set to play Game 5 but the world of sports has come to a halt. This time, it is not because of the pandemic, but for justice. In Kenosha, Wisconsin another black man unarmed Named Jacob Blake was shot several times in point-blank range while attempting to get into his car. It was told from bystanders that Jacob was breaking up a fight prior to the police coming. Jacob Blake was seen on video going to his car, opening the door, and within seconds, an officer expelled multiple shots. It is projected by police that Mr. Jacob Blake had a knife in his hand.

With the injustice of blacks and police brutality still occurring on what seems like a daily basis; the sports team has been protesting by boycotting playing games.


WOJ ESPN tweeted earlier today that teams such as the Lakers and Bucks are boycotting playing. George Hill from the Bucks stated,


“ We’re tired of the killings and the injustice” when asked about the boycott of game 5.


The WNBA kneeled in solidarity with the NBA and boycotted playing their games today that was suppose to occur. Instead, players from the Mystics, Dream, Lynx, Sun, Mercury, and Sparks took a knee while locking arms wearing shirts that spelled “Jacob Black” on the front and bullet holes with blood on the back.

Originally in the NBA, teams were boycotting games but now it has been announced that the Lakers and the Clippers have voted to not continue the NBA season.

Lebron James was quoted saying “ he wants owners to be more involved and take action..” in wake of the Bucks decision, the NBA has decided to postpone the playoffs until further notice

Simultaneously as the NBA and WNBA teams are protesting and boycotting, other sports stars like tennis star Naomi Osaka said she is not playing in the Semis Southern open tomorrow after the Jacob Blake shooting. NBA commentator Kenny Smith walked off TNT set in solidarity with sports teams taking a stand for Jacob Blake. Five MLS (Major League Soccer) games are now postponed in solidarity as well and the Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers games. Sports are rapidly showing solidarity for Jacob Blake but specifically the Reform of the racism in policing consistently targeting people of color. There needs to be justice and reform of police and justice is yet being served. Currently, Jacob Blake is paralyzed from the waist down and in critical condition.

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