The DMV Daily Artist of the Month: Hazy

For the month of January, we have selected Hazy as our Artist of the Month.
What is your name and tell me about yourself?
Hazy , Im a culture connoisseur. I have a true love for my people and I only hope to inspire & entertain for years to come. I’m real, down to earth and relatable, you know. Surely i’m one who believes in social interaction to better understand people. My musical sound can be best described as having lyricism and soul, bars and harmony, charisma and melody. 
Where are you from?
PG County, Maryland
What inspired you to start your music career?
Growing up my grandfather was a DJ so I was constantly around music that seemed to be always soulful and vivid. He would also play a lot of hip hop, which grabbed my attention off the back. Ever since then I’ve just been dedicated to trying to blur the line between rap, soul, & R&B.
How long have you been a rapper for?
Since I was 15 years old.
Have you ever collaborated with any other artists? If so, please name a few.
Yeah I’ve collaborated with dope talents like PG Child, Dreemy Alpha, NGB Tay, Malik Davage, 4sideheeem and many others.
What are some of your lifetime goals?
To have a long lasting entertainment career.  Using my platform of music and possibly other endeavors such as acting or speaking to inspire, reform , and motivate. I want to share my talents and outlooks with the world, and hopefully be remembered by them when it’s all said and done. 
What do you have planned next for you music?
The goal is to be major ! Keep creating new opportunities and sharing my story along the way. I will drop new projects and singles in the process so stay tuned.
How well do you take criticism?
I always appreciate constructive criticism. Having ‘yes men’ around you can hinder your creativity and ability to produce more, or even something different. Criticism is to always be expected in this industry. Understanding that everyone won’t like you or your style is key. Just do your art for the people who truly support and notice.
What is your motivation or inspiration behind your mind?

Helping my family and community is always number one. Through my love for the arts I want my music connect with people through realism, emotion, style, and shared experiences. I just want to give the people something to vibe to while also finding a deep connection.

Talk about your latest mixtape or single?
My latest project was my EP ‘What’s Next?’. This body of work symbolizes that golden question that everyone must ask themselves at some point during life. While others face the pressures from the world asking that of them as well. The track list for this project is structured as questions that needed answering. I strategically breakdown my life and thoughts through each track,  that flows in a way that takes you on a journey. ‘What’s Next?’ represents progression and optimism, while serving as a wake up call for my music.
Do you support any other up and coming singers/rappers in your area? If so what are they.
Big Flock, Jay IDK, PG Child , NGB Tay, Dreemy Alpha, 4sideheem , ADB Lil E, ZayZayy, Jefe Francesco, H, Galaxy, Johnny Rocket, Nia Simone, Nia Lashae, Tony Qwest, Yung Manny, Money Marr, & Mawty Maw just to name a few.
Where do you see yourself in the music game within the next couple years?
I envision myself being successful in the industry, holding my own against the game. I want to be touring and connecting with people from all over the world. Just working to be remembered and legendary when it’s all said and done.


Follow Hazy on all social media @Hazyzai. You can stream his music on all platforms !

Checkout his EP ‘What’s Next?’ here below and listen to his my remix to Roddy Rich’s hit song ‘The Box’ !

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