Artist of the Month: YBN Cordae

The DMV Daily Artist of the Month: YBN Cordae

For the Month of December we have made YBN Cordae our Artist of the Month.

YBN Cordae was born in Raleigh, North Carolina but was raised in Prince George’s County, MD.  He began writing raps at the age of 15 but did not take it seriously at the time. Until about a year ago, YBN Cordae started to take rap more seriously and began recording music consistently.

Describing his sound as a mix of the old and new school, YBN Cordae makes music that touches souls and the average human can relate to.  His music career took off after releasing two remixes to Eminem’s  “My Name Is” and J.Cole’s “1985”.

“There’s no way I’ma play this shit if you not about to nod yo head to it, and you not about to feel that shit in your soul and in your heart of hearts. It brings out certain emotions. I want my music to make you reminiscent or nostalgic of your childhood, or take you back to a better place. You know how you listen to a song and you remember exactly where you were when you first heard that song? That’s the kind of impact I want my music to have. So you can bump this shit ten years from now and be like, “Yo, I was in college struggling and this got me through that.” I want that therapeutic, healing music that can help people get through some shit.” said YBN Cordae during an interview with Pigeons & Planes


“My Name Is” was Cordae’s introduction track under YBN calling it the “perfect introduction track to the world”.  The inspiration to write “Old Niggas” came after he listened to J.Cole’s “1985”. This gave him the inspiration to give the older generation his perspective. Both tracks showcased his lyrical ability and gained everyone’s attention.

What is YBN?

The acronym YBN means Young Boss Niggas. The music group consisting of three artists; YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay and of course YBN Cordae. The group blew up back in September 2017 after YBN Nahmir released his hit song “Rubbin’ Off the Paint”.  With the help of YBN Almighty Jay, he continued to release hits.

Cordae joined YBN after meeting Nahmir via Xbox live a couple years ago and stayed in touch ever since.  They did not plan on going viral with their music, it really just happened. The way everything had came together, Cordae stated this was just God’s plan and timing.

Listen to YBN Cordae’s “Old Niggas” (Response to J.Cole’s “1985”)

Twitter – @YbnCordae

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