The DMV Daily Caught Up w/ RTC For Q&A

The DMV Daily & Tae Sweizy goes one on one with rising talent RTC. He’s is coming off his latest album “TC Season 2.” Make sure you grab TC Season 2, available on every streaming platform. I had the opportunity to asking RTC a few questions, it’s some of my own personal questions so people can get to know the artist and what they stand for.

Q: Three things we don’t know about you?

A: I was awarded the 2018 Best New Zimbabwean Artist, I speak my native language Shona and I’ve been making music since I was 13.

Q: Define yourself in five words.

A: Creative, Prodigy, Confident, Calculated & Artist

Q: Favorite pre-studio traditions?

A: To be honest I catch a vibe the moment I walk in the studio, I don’t need a pregame to get the heat flowing. It’s just natural.

Q: Pre performance traditions?

A: Before any show, I always put on a mini show at the studio with a small audience and take in feedback on my stage presence. Because if you have no presence on stage you might as well get off.

Q: Top five biggest musical influences?

A: Kanye for the samples, T pain for the harmonies, Jay Z for slick talk, Pharrell for pushing the limits on what’s hip hop & Debarge for rhythms.

Q: In high school, how would you describe your senior year? What do you remember happening the most?

A: By then people in my school knew who RTC was, my first mixtape was out on Mediafire and I’d just watch the downloads go up. Even though it was still early, I secured a lot of fans that still hit me up to this day saying congrats.

Q: Artists and media personalities you like to work with more?

A: Tory Lanez and Roddy Rich. They have evolved the sound of auto tune and tone it down to create swift hooks and flows on it.

Q: Any Shout outs?

A: Shoutout to The Studio at the Place and everyone involved in the promo for TC Season 2. Definitely couldn’t have done it without these people.

Q: Spell out each letter in your artist name with a word:

RTC my rap name is actually the same as my initials, but if I had to make something up, it’d be Real Trap Certified.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you check out “TC Season 2” below:

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