The DMV Daily Caught Up With 1032 For Q&A

The DMV Daily Q&A w/ 1032

The DMV Daily goes one on one with rising talent 1032. 1032 is coming off his previous album “Arenas @ The Farms.” The album comes after his recent success with “Blkkk Pope.” The most recent project contains no features. Learn more about 1032, formally known as Inkosana.

Three things we don’t know about you?

– I like wholesome women.
– Arenas@thefarms took 2 years to make.
– My rap name used to be Inkosana.

Define you in five words.

– A hustler not a customer!

Favorite pre-studio traditions?

– Pray!

Pre performance traditions?

– Pray!

Top five biggest musical influences?

– Al green, Curtis Mayfield, Inkosana, Jay Z & Kodak Black.

Define the music industry.

– Mass production/distribution of musical compilations in exchange for monetary benefit.

Artists and media personalities you like to work with more?

– Yung Gleesh, Jay-Z and I would like to work with the Mallory Bros. S/o them!

Any Shout outs?

– Shoutout to Mike from uptown, shoutout Miles from the farms, shoutout My Goddaughters. I’m a hustler not a customer.

Name ten artists you want to work with.

– Yung Gleesh, Shy Glizzy, Jay Z , Kodak Black, NBA Youngboy

Arenas @ The Farms is out now on Apple Music. Stream Here.


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