The DMV Daily Entrepreneur of the Month: Zo of RDC

For the Month of January we have selected Zo of RDC as our Entrepreneur of the Month.

Zo of RDC (Running Da City) recently won Host of the Year at the Titan Arts Award Show.  He attended Virginia State University majoring in Mass Communications. Zo began hosting in 2014 in Washington, DC, then a year later he moved to Petersburg, VA to finish up his degree at VSU. After moving to Petersburg and being challenged to work harder to expand his supporting audience, Zo began hosting more events which gave him great publicity. Check out his Q&A down below

Q: What is your name and tell me about yourself?

Zo of RDC: My name is Aganze Chiyoge but everyone knows me as Zo of RDC . I was born in Congo and moved to America in 1996 due to a Civil war in my homeland that left millions of people dead. I am very thankful I was able to anticipate the war, travel to America and begin a new life. I began hosting in 2014. I was selected as the Homecoming Host at VSU in 2015 and from there I started getting booked to host at different colleges such as ODU, NSU, VCU, and etc. In 2016 everything changed for me. I was named Brand ambassador for Creative Nation, the number one promotion team in the 804 and 757. I began hosting concerts and events for Creative Nation in 2016.

I hosted concerts for artists such as CurrenSY, 21 savage, YFN Lucci, Lil Uzi Vert, A. Boogie, Gucci mane, Wale, NBA YoungBoy Play Boi Carti, Lil Baby, and more. I hosted VSU Homecoming concert in 2016 and 2017. I was able to get on tour with the publicity and exposure that built with me being a Host. I was featured in the XXL Magazine in 2016 and became nominated at the Titan Art awards for Host of the year in DMV that same year. I was nominated Host of the Year four years in a row and finally won in Dec of 2019. I became James R from Love and Hip hop New York road manager in 2018 and also graduated college from Virginia State University in 2018. I recently partnered with the non-profit organization called “Change a Life”. We were able to give gifts to the homeless on Christmas Eve in DC. We are planning to put together a blanket drive in Feb of 2020.

Q: Where are you from?

Zo of RDC: I am from Congo but moved to Alexandria, VA when I was 6 years of age and haven’t moved yet.

Q: What inspired you to to be an entrepreneur?

Zo of RDC: Being an entrepreneur gives you the ability to set up your own conference calls, set up your own work schedule, and you are able to take vacations anytime you like too. I have always wanted to work for myself and nobody else.

Q: What exactly do you do for a living?

Zo of RDC: I Host events, concerts, and also do bookings for Kapri Bibbs who’s a NFL player and produces music as well. I am currently a mentor at NCS for teenagers and I’m beginning my music program for the teenagers I mentor.

Q: Have you ever collaborated with any artists and business here in the DMV? If so, please share.

Zo of RDC: In 2011 at Jaxx Night club which is now called Hideout in Springfield, VA I was able to put together a DMV Summer Bash show which featured Nipsey Hussle, Patisdope, Fat Trel, Young Moe, Tay Don, Kiara Simone, Slutty Boyz and etc. I have worked with many DMV promoters.

Q: What are some of your lifetime goals?

Zo of RDC: I want to buy a new church one day for my bishop. I want to open up a Community center in Congo for those kids who are unfortunate to have the chance to enjoy their youth years. I want to put together panels and events that give awareness to social justice and gun violence. I want to start my own mentorship program for the youth. I want to buy my mom and dad their dream car.

Q: What do you have planned next ?

Zo of RDC: I will be teaming up for the non-profit organization called “Change a Life’ for a blanket drive to give back to the homeless. I will be hosting the Jacquees concert in Norfolk, VA at the Norva on Feb, 14, 2020. I am putting together a lot of events that I can’t speak on just yet and also working on a few sponsorship.

Q: How well do you take criticism?

Zo of RDC: I take criticism very well because if you plan to become a successful business owner you must be willing to take criticism. Sometimes you need other people’s opinions in order to make adjustments towards your mistakes. If you can’t be humble when someone is giving you bad criticisms about your company than you shouldn’t become a business owner. The best way to learn is by listening and working hard, especially after being critiqued.

Q: What is your motivation or inspiration behind you becoming an engrossing ?

Zo of RDC: My motivation of becoming an engrossing was seeing how hard my Mom and Dad would work day in and day out. I never wanted to see both of them have to work so hard so that brothers and sisters can survive, have all necessities like food and clothes. Now that I take this journey of becoming a business owner, I will make sure to buy my Dad and Mom a ticket to a very amazing resort.

Q: Talk about your most recent event opportunity.

Zo of RDC: I recently won Host of the year for the DMV at the Titan Arts Award show that took place in Washington, DC on Dec.14, 2019. 

Q: Do you support any other up and coming businesses and host your area?

Zo of RDC: If so, who are they. Yes, I support a lot of upcoming businesses such Tinz Clothing, Instert clothing, yox2apparel, and many more. I support Patisdope who is a brand ambassador for Shoe city and also a blogger in the DMV. I support CutThorattv who’s a blogger in the DMV. I also support a lot of promoters in the DMV such as CashflowTay, Jason, Zach, and a lot more.

Q: Where do you see yourself in within the next couple years?

Zo of RDC: I see myself having my own mentorship program, opening up a community center in Congo, having my own Beard oil, clothing line and speak to different youth demographics all over the world to help them get into colleges and/or help them start their business.

You can follow Zo of RDC on instagram @zo_rdc27


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