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Three unique things about you?
I bought a house at 24, I went to Kentucky State University my freshman year , and I judge people based off their zodiac sign.
5 words to describe you?
Selfless, Outgoing, Understanding/forgiving, Independent, Driven
Elaborate on your brand
My brand is its HER beautyy,   Growing up I was always labeled “the pretty girl” but like every other woman I’ve dealt with insecurities and struggles which kept my mindset in an ugly place.  I launched its HER beautyy for all women, despite their skin, size, and flaws.  It is designed to help women embrace their beauty despite the scars both known and unknown.
Where did the brand originate from?
Washington, DC
Why did you start it?
I started this brand to inspire women to use things that test their strength as stepping stools for what they want in life.  I’m used to seeing different women empowerment groups that aren’t always relatable I wanted to start one that almost every woman could relate to and feel comfortable being apart of.
What are your brand goals?
Overall my goal if for women to embrace all flaws while working to fix things keeping them from being their best selves. I will also be working with men, couples, families, and children.
Brand events and events you hosted?
I have a few events coming up. February 25 I will be on the panel of “Moms I love to follow” March 18 Its Her beauty is having a “Wine and Design” April 21 Its Her beauty is having a sleepover launch party.
Products you sell?
At the moment I do not sell products but I will be dropping a few things in a couple months.
Media Personalities you wish to work with?
Sunni from WPGS 95.5 and Tara Gates Anderson
Spell out your name with a word
Any Shout-outs?
Special S/O to my daughter Khiry-Michelle for being the force behind everything I do and my PR Keda Patrese for being my soul mate within my business she literally has ALL the answers and corrections to my mistakes.
Social Medias
Instagram: _itsherbeautyy Twitter: itsherbeautyy

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