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Three Things We Don’t Know About You?
Three Things Y’all don’t know about me ? is that I’m not a sucker lol I been doing this music stuff just ain’t find my buzz feel me  and I’m 5’7.
Five Words To Describe You?
Loving, Misfit, Grimmey, Ambitious , Mind-blowing
Favorite pre-studio traditions
we like stop last 7-11 me and the gang grab some snacks sheets and funnel ya dig! I can’t forget the good gas we stay with that , I hit a jay 3 times get In my zone and crank out hits !
Top Five Influences?
I don’t have 5 but my top 4 are Wiz khalifa, Playboi carti, TI & Lil Dude Its crazy because I feel like I’m a up to date version of all of them combined together ya know.
Define The Music Industry
The music industry could be a better scenario, I’m not down talking nobody. I feel as tho 100% of artist should be heard not just 50% but I don’t really think about it too much
Any artists and media personalities  you would like to work with?
I Would like to work with Wiz khalifa that’s my dog. I don’t know him yet but seem like a down to earth cool guy.  I would like to get with Lil Uzi and Goonew. Goonew is fresh out of Maryland, salute Forest Creek! Much love, he is a goat like me ya hear me! He fucks with my peoples so  he good with me
Any Shout-outs?
S/O My lil brother Dblock He Been my Homie My Right Hand Man , my blood brother my heart been there since the roaches ……S/o SwayGang My boy slutty , Og dirty , my nigga Dre My whole gang S/o my soufside babies On Da K ya Dig Down 10th & Da Whole S/o The Creek Yea Forest Creek Rockin With Me
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