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Brandon Elliott with LivengoodLivin

 Give us a little bio about you 

I am one of six children, and I fall somewhere in the middle. A facilitator and mediator with a mindset to mentally, financially and physically free the family tree of myths and stereotypes. An unconventional mind that stans for re-creating Black Wall-Street.

Define Elliott with a rap quote 
“For the living large, but momma I ain’t done yet. Sit back and watch your son rise. Kick back and know your son set. Forever I ain’t run yet. AND I never will” J Cole
 What are your brands?
Currently, I have Xtra Ordinaire Apparel, HunnyBunny Boutique, Who Got Nex Tours, One Love Massive, White House Eats and Hammond Lawn Care Services. A host of companies that fall under an umbrella I am creating to provide people with a quality lifestyle that they can live with and live by. From apparel to food to home services.
The origin of each? 
 XOA is a lifestyle clothing line that features forward trends, a sporty look with the comfortable fit. It is a business adventure me and three longtime friends of mine jumped into less than two years ago.
Hunny Bunny Boutique is a black-owned cosmetic business created to provide an organic source for a person with chronic dry skin conditions and interest in limiting chemicals that are applied to the skin.
Who Got Next Tours is a touring company that offers an opportunity to thousands of aspiring artist around the country to take a step toward national recognition via Universal Music Group and Major League Records. 30+ cities and running.
One Love Massive is a multimedia cultural hub and booking agency that provides an opportunity for the aspiring artist in and around the DC region. Via 2 recording studios and a podcast studio.
White House Eats is a catering service generated to serve you, and any size party with specialty recipes that will leave you wanting more. It is a family owned business that was created originally for the urban gogo community but has seen its clientele grow rapidly.
Hammond Lawn Care service is self-explanatory, and also a family owned business that can sharpen any landscape.
 Long term goals? 
Subscription boxes, Product and services opportunities that are all being created by black-owned businesses. National booking agency.
Biggest influences? 
Kas, Izzy, Kenny Burns, Puffy, Will Smith and Amazon(lol).
Dream collaborations?
I would LOVE to collaborate with Biggs, the NFL, and every PG County sports program.
 Who are your woman crush Wednesdays? 
 Sanaa Lathan, Jourdyn Dunn, and Letitia Wright.
What do you do for fun? 
 For fun, I enjoy cardio. IN the form a biking and running. I love biking so much, I have found a way to impact communities and generate wealth via Autism Speaks curated events.
Favorite music artists? 
Wale is my favorite music artist. Lyrically unfuckwitable. HOV, Usher, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Masego, Christian Scott, Maxwell, just to name a few.
Tips for rookies building their own brands? 
Get out of debt! Without debt, all of the investments you make are of your own wealth. Create a lifestyle where you’re generating wealth with doing things you enjoy doing.
Define branding 
 Branding is a visual representation of the quality work or experience you will provide the client.
Any shout outs? 
XOA Lifestyle gets a shoutout. My grandma, my bro Woods, Chadwick and all the black creatives around the world.
Spell your name out with a word
Branding (lol)
Final thoughts? 
Final Thoughts would be to make sure everyone is living a lifestyle they prefer, and not one they were told is best for them. Keep DC Chocolate City and be sure to help someone new today.
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IG: Supamantan – XOALifestyle
Twitter : Supamantan
Facebook : Brandon Elliott

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