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J- Three things we don’t know about you?

C– * I’m a HEAVY smoker but I don’t drink at all

* I never thought The Chapelle Show was funny…like at all

* Bali Baby is my “celebrity crush”

J- Define you in five words

C– * Loud

* Abrasive

* Picky

* Hungry (literally)

* Passionate

J- Favorite pre studio traditions? 
C– * I’ll smoke (rapper-ass answer) and play shit like Bootsy Collins right before a session
J- Pre performance traditions? 
C– * I start yelling to hype myself and everyone who came with me up

J- Top five biggest musical influences?

C– * OutKast

* T.I.

* LIL Bow Wow (not Bow Wow, LIL Bow Wow)

* Linkin Park

* Drowning Pool

J- Define the music industry 

C– * It’s fuckin harsh and you need to have thick skin and a strong mind if you wanna be a part of it


J- Artists and media personalities you like to work with more?
C– * Shit, Brie. I’m not even saying that to be funny, she does a lot of cool shit. I’ve worked with her before and it’s never been a bad experience.

J- Any Shout outs?

C– * My loved ones and the niggas who hate me but don’t have an actual reason. Y’all are great.

J- Name ten artists you want to work with

C– Jesus christ…

* Ski Mask

* Famous Dex

* Treez Lowkey

* Era Hardaway

* Lil Uzi Vert

* Young Thug

* Travis Scott

* Ty Dolla $ign

* Young Dolph

* Doe$ki

J- Spell out each letter in your name with a word
C– (Con)
Out here

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