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DJ folk! Give us a background about you!

I started as a dj out of of my dorm room at North Carolina A&T making lil mix cds and also buying masters of all the hot mix cds at the time…and made a name for myself from building thru my own ground work from my humble beginnings.
Four unique things about you?
Heavy into watching professional wrestling. I’m a direct descandant of Frederick Douglas. heavy into nutrition.
 Describe yourself with a lyric
 Bankroll Fresh- Paper Tags Verse
You’re a well known A&R, music project you worked with? 
Jeezy Trap or Die 3… Jeezy Pressure. , Lil Wayne Carter 4 and 5. Birdman Priceless. Big Krit Krit Wuz Here , JIGG 305 from Miami
Biggest artists you worked with?
Jeezy, Wayne, T.I., Rick Ross, Yo Gotti…Big Krit
Dream artists to work with?
Honestly i have worked with almost everyone except for JAY Z…that’s the last 1 off my list.. I had a song almost make Drake’s Take Care album so maybe him as well

You’re also a well known DJ! How did you got into that?

 My father is a DJ so i grew up around it

Gigs you DJed?

So many… memorable 1 was T.I.’s first show IN Greensboro NC…that was a big moment.
 What Inspired your DJ Name? 
My boy hump thought someone was calling me folk when they were saying ro (roland for my government name)..he seen me again was like DJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ FOLKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK..
Name one artist that you would love to DJ a concert for and why? 
Honestly djing live shows for me isn’t a strong point for myself so i gotta say none.
Favorite music mixes? Drop some links!
Any of my mixes DJ Got Now has incredible mixes…Don Cannon and Drama have some fire mixes in their catalogs some they arent available online. My brodie DJ E Dubble has some fire. Digital Product. DJ Jaycee has some fire as Micheal Jackson mixes floating aroung. DJ wally sparks street fame tape with Krit is personally favs. A Trak is like incredible
Biggest media influences?
All my influences are either family members or hustlers I came across
What made you love media?
My goal was to become a sportscaster when i went to college. I think the technical of hearing the stories told on play by play and commentary with the action of the game is what made me love it.
What made you love music?
I always around it growing up so it was a rite of passage for me.
Advice you would give to a media rookie?
Look at the long term and never let your short term decisions affect your long term trajectory.
How was your rookie year in media?
I went right into the music business as an intern with T.I. so it was an adjustment and it was very difficult but i did well in the long room.
Biggest challenge? Biggest accomplishments?
Quitting the business for 2 years and wondering if i was finished. 2 top 10 billboard albums in 14 months.
Long term media goals?
Just im honestly ready to start on a few things in TV. Develop a few tv series and movies if possible.
Any shout outs?
SHOUT TO DJ FIRSTCLASS FOR ACTUALLY PUTTING THIS TOGETHER…..he actually interviewed me for his class when he was school….
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