Foreign LivengoodLivin With Foreign Money

 Three things we don’t know about you?
I’m funny asf, Sometimes I like to be alone, and I’m half Chinese

Define yourself in 5 words?

Always believe they’re always other ways

Favorite Pre-Studio traditions?

I’ll need my liquor and smokes.

Top 5 biggest Musical Influences?

Biggie Smalls and Jay Z

Define the Music Industry?

A Secret society that wants you to kiss ass to join.

Artist and media personalities you would like to work with?

Far as media personalities I would love to work with Marisa Mendez of Dash Radio & NeNe of Nonfiction Radio. An Artist would be Chris Brown


The entire NYC and DMV thanks for supporting the music,  fam in the Bmore and DC areas..
S/0 to BANDKLAN…S/0 #Traplive and  TheDMVDAILY.COM

Name 10 artists you want to work with?

Every Indie artist on the come up in the DMV and NYC

Spell every letter in your name with a word?

N_ot alone
Social Medias
 Twitter/Social Media: @bandklan_fm

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