The DMV Daily Interviews: Freelance Photographer Anthony McCray

The DMV Daily had the pleasure of speaking with Anthony McCray, a Freelance Creative Photographer from Baltimore, MD. McCray is a graduating senior majoring in Agriculture at the illustrious University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Check out our Q&A with Anthony down below.

Q:  What made you interested in photography?

Anthony: I became interested in photography because I always felt like I did not have an artistic mind. But I knew I liked old vintage pictures, so I wanted to learn how to take film pictures at first. So, I later realized that I have a creative eye for photos, and I wanted my Art to speak volumes when my audience sees the pictures. Hence the name Eye of Ant because I can only see through my perspective. It’s more than just taking photos, though, it is a way for me to escape from whatever is bothering.

Q:  How long have you been a professional taking pictures for?

Anthony: I have only been taking pictures for six months now.

Q:  When did you start professionally taking pictures?

Anthony: I did a few practice shots before my first Professional Gig. Which is funny because my first professional job was a wedding in March of this year. That experience taught me a lot about the art of taking pictures.

Q:  Have you learned any lessons overtime since you been in the photography industry?

Anthony: I have always learned to trust the process. Everyone is moving at their own pace, and there is no need to rush growth/ progress in your craft. Secondly, always remember to have fun doing so and to remind yourself of why you started taking pictures.

Q:  What are your goals?

Anthony: My biggest goal is to grow within my Art. Learn who I am as a person and as a creator. To add on, I want my work to hopefully one day be in Museums and on magazine covers. That might sound like a very ladder to climb up, but anything is possible when you believe in yourself.

Q:  What do you have planned next for your business?

Anthony: Just to continue to grow and evolve over time. I really want a team that consists of creative directors, MUA’s Graphic designers, and other creatives. You can really make some magic happen when you have like-minded people working with you.

Q:  How well do you handle criticism about your business?

Anthony: I am still sensitive about my work since I am still in the beginner stage, but I do respect and appreciate constructive criticism on how to better my work. Always will be a student to the Game.

Q:  How well do you balance work, school, family, etc.?

Anthony: I would say I balance my day to day life very well, actually. I do more work than school right now. Trying to perfect my craft so I can be better for the future. Also, since its summertime, but I never allow the work just to consume me, I do have a life outside of photography.

Q:  Do you support any other local business in the area.

Anthony:  I support any local business I can. Soon I will be supporting my friend’s upcoming businesses. I feel like putting the money back into the black communities, and black creators really help them strive in the long run.

Here are some of Anthony’s Work.


You stay updated with Anthony by following him on Instagram and Twitter @c1cxro. For inquiries e-mail

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