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Social medias 
My twitter is @Jayisteez

Three things we don’t know about you?

I can draw, I’m a twin, and my all time guilty pleasure is binge watch teen dramas on Netflix

Define you in five words

“Grounded But Slightly Off Kilter” – jayi Steez

Favorite pre studio traditions? 
Napping, twitter, and music. Literally, if I know I’m gonna be putting in hours I take a nap… usually right after I’ve been scrolling down my timeline laughing at ridiculous tweets and listening to stuff I’m feeling at the moment.
Pre performance traditions? 
 I can honestly only describe the one thing I due is just getting crazy. Envisioning myself on the stage before I step on and hyping myself up with my guys.

Top five biggest musical influences?

 Top five musical influences are Wayne, The Dream, Donald Glover, Walk the Moon, and the entire city of Houston, it’s history and the culture that’s built around it’s music scene.

Define the music industry 

“Exactly how I would describe the mad hatter if there was an apt description.”


Artists and media personalities you like to work with more?
 I haven’t had the chance to work with him yet and I know he gets a bit thrashed by this new generation we’re in at times but I wouldn’t hesitate to jump on any platform Joe Budden is on.

Any Shout outs?

The BIGGEST of shouts out to my team H-Camp, my guy Foxx Tailored, 88Alaska and Tot (@DopeLifeOfTot on twitter), Insomniac mag, ACJ Entertainment, the late great Doe B, we share family so it’s important for me to at least try to pick up where he left off with what he was doing for the state and just everyone who has been supporting me so far.

Name ten artists you want to work with

Kyle, Ryn Weaver, Lil Wayne, Jack Antonoff, Nicholas Petricca, HAIM, Andre 3k, Donald Glover, Tyga, and Krit, in no particular order

Spell out each letter in your name with a word
 Joyful, Ambition, Youthful, Introvert, Saucy, Twisted, Earnest, Eccentric, Zealous.

Stream Wild Things – Jayi steez Here


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