The DMV Daily Interviews: Keyondra Lockett

The DMV Daily had the pleasure of interviewing Gospel Artist and Entrepreneur. Keyondra Lockett. She is a 2X Stellar Nominated artist and Billboard Chart Top 15 artist. Keyondra currently is number 20 on the Billboard charts with her single Trouble Won’t Last. Outside of music, Keyondra operates her business called Jolie Noire, which means Pretty Black in French. Her brand works to shape the minds of onlookers and change the meaning, emotions, and values associated with black.

Q: Who inspired you to make music?
Keyondra: My supporters and the fact that music brings hope and points them to God.
Q: How would you describe the music that you typically create?
Keyondra: Soulful, urban, and jazzy.
Q: Tell us about your upcoming release, Cornerstone EP?
Keyondra: It’s a mix of soul, rhythm & praise, urban, and everything else. Lol
The message is more important for sure, though. When you think of architects and the building process, they begin with the Cornerstone, also referred to as the foundation. It ensures that the building will be stable. Well, it’s the same for our lives. Jesus is what the Bible calls the chief Cornerstone. He’s our foundation. If we don’t build on Him, we’ll collapse when storms come. Make sure He’s the foundation of your career, your relationships, and your life period. That’s Cornerstone in a nutshell.
Q: How would you say Social Media has impacted your music career?
Keyondra: Where I’ve not been able to connect with my supporters after events or create an awareness of the things going on with me on other platforms, my social media keeps my name in the faces of the people. It’s, in some cases, the driving force of an artist. Social media can be a blessing or Trouble. But you choose, and you’d better choose wisely. Lol
Q: Despite everything going right now in 2020, how is Gospel Music important for this time? 
Keyondra: Gospel music points us to God, who we so desperately need right now. Without Him, we’re lost. With Him, all things are possible. It’s gospel music that has given many people hope and keeps us pressing forward. My newest radio single, Trouble Won’t Last, is an example of that. (
Q: What is one message you would give to your fans?
Keyondra: We have one of two choices to choose from every day, that’s God and this world. Choose God. In all business deals, in your relationships, career paths, and even down to the smallest decisions… choose Him and His way.
Q: Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Keyondra: Erica Campbell’s style is the bomb!!! I love her pen game too! Her production and all. She’s really dope!
Q: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be? 
Keyondra: How independent artists are treated.
Q: What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?
Keyondra: I would be running my company Jolie Noire full time, no music, only an entrepreneur and influencer.
Q: What’s next for you?
Keyondra:  I am about to record the music video for Trouble Won’t Last, releasing my EP Cornerstone, and shortly after that, I’ll be releasing a song I and Q Parker of 112 collaborated on. More music. More songwriting. More entrepreneurial efforts and endeavors.
Instagram @keyondralockett
Business Page @joliexnorieapparel

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