The DMV Daily Interviews: PVVLI


LivengoodLivin With PVVLI


J- Social medias
PV – /Twitter/IG: @Pvvli_
Beatpage IG: @ProducedByPvvli_
J- Three things we don’t know about you?
PV – /I was born in Puerto Rico.
/Im allergic to seafood.
/My real name.
J- Define you in five words
PV – /Jiggy., charismatic., clever., artistic., driven.
J – Favorite pre-studio traditions? 
PV – /Sleep lol nah but video games and some gas ease the mind everytime.
J – Top five biggest musical influences?
PV – /Dwayne Michael Carter first and foremost; otherwise Shawn Corey Carter; Melissa Arnette Elliot; Christopher George Latore Wallace; and Timothy Mosley in no order.
J – Define the music industry 
PV – /An arcade; its pay to play so you better know how to play it. #GameSafely
J- Artists and media personalities you like to work with more?
PV – /Anybody doing they thing out of VA really; I would want to shed that light on the place that made me and how we get down out here.
J – Any Shout outs?
PV – / Man, shout out my RXHVIZ Clique; Uncle Wolf and my LOOK Gang brothers…and shout out #ARCADE coming soon.
J – Name ten artists you want to work with
PV – /Putting niggas in the spot ha okay uh:
Treez Lowkey (VA)
Kenny Beats
Travis Scott
Fullmetalparkas (VA)
Rico Nasty
Not A Fan (VA Duo)
808 Mafia
Webb Swayze (VA)
Rowdyruff Girls (VA Trio)
Otherwise Im workin with who I fuck with already.
J – Spell out each letter in your name with a word
PV – P – Player
V – V I R G I N I A
V – Versatility
L – Lowkey
I – Irreplaceable

Pvvli / Demand – A Lust Story

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