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LivengoodLivin asks what’s on the RAGE with RAGE the brand


Get To know what RAGE stands for,  It’s Origins, and founders

RAGE stands for Rise And Grind Everyday the brand is based around the uplifting of individuals by giving them the message of Rising and Grinding Everyday. Whether your a college student, parent, or multi millionaire you can relate to the message because you have to work to survive.

My clothing brand is unique because it is something that I hold very dear to me because it was my life since I was 18. I had to rise and grind everyday despite dealing with anxiety and depression during my early 20s after losing a parent. With the brand our message is to create opportunities for talented individuals to be noticed and also to show kids that hard work does indeed pay off. The clothes is just a small portion of it. Eventually I want “RAGE” to become a household name in the future.

The faces behind RAGE are myself and my partner/co-founder Paris Smith. We also have a team that consist of a Social media manger, Official Host, Graphic artist/designer, creative director and an administrative assistant.


RAGE started in July of 2017

Tyler puts in perspective what RAGE means to him, things we don’t know about the brand, and media influences

Rise and Grind to me means waking up and handling your business and learning something new each day. I feel like you can always learn something each day by just interacting with people. It’s not always about going out making money like a lot seem to think but that is a part but if you can acquire knowledge each day you’ll go far I believe.

5 facts about me that nobody knows

“I read a lot of books

-I watch a lot of Breakfast Club interviews

-I use to be a photographer in HS

-I listen to motivational speeches everyday from Diddy,The Rock,Eric Thomas, and Inky Johnson.

-I idolize Pharrell, A$AP Rocky and Nipsey Hussle ” – Tyler


RAGE gives us a lyric to describe them, past events, future vision, and family

We’ve done mostly college events for our pop ups, we did a few club appearances and a few Greek cookouts.

“Go head and switch the style up, and if they hate then let me hate and watch the money pile up” 

As if right now I want to build a bigger base for the Brand before I start collaborating only because I don’t want my brand to be overshadowed. But my dream Collab will be with BBC (Billionaire Boyz Club),TMC (The Marathon Clothing) and maybe one day with Nike.

My brand was inspired by family. My family works extremely hard and always have. Which help me with the name “RAGE” everyone rises and grind everyday. My mom works 6 days a week 2 jobs, my dad worked anywhere from 40-64 hours a week, my grandfather worked for 38 Years retired and works part time now and he never missed a day of work in his life literally. My sister has been a honors student since elementary school, and my partner just received his BA in Business Marketing from Morgan State University.So that work horse mentality is in my blood and with stilled in everyone around me.


RAGE discusses future collaborations, shout outs, and a name spell

My biggest brand ambassadors outside of the RAGE team, would probably be our barbers at our local barbershop they always buy multiple items and pieces along with promoting us all the time.

S/O to God,Family,The RAGE team, my partner/brother Paris, my Lil bro Darnell our personal photographer for the brand, all my close friends that support me and motivate me, The DMV Daily team and a special shout-out to Morgan State University for giving us a platform to showcase our brand.

R- Radiant , A- Ambitious  , G- Graceful , E- Entertaining


Where to find them and cop some apparel?

@Ty_Montana on twitter, @tony_montanaaaaa on IG

Business page

@ragethebrand on all socials



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