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RJ management, can you summarize your company message and services? 
RJ Management helps all entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry and related businesses! We help with networking, opportunities, branding, promotion and more. Our promotional shop is for all businesses to help them grow and attract more customers.
What are your social medias/ website links? 
Twitter & Instagram: @Rjmanagement_
What inspired to start the brand? 
The owner Rockell Jackson, was managing an artist and throwing events at the same time in 2015, after seeing success other artist and entrepreneurs started to ask for management and help with their business. Since Rockell could not physically manage everyone one on one she decided to create an online platform to give her knowledge, resources, and more to help others grow their brand. Helping others is what really started the brand, If she would of never helped her first artist she would of never been approached by so many people.
What’s the origin? 
2015 in Salisbury MD is when RJ Management was first thought of and put into motion.
Describe yourself with a lyric 
Three things about you we don’t know?
A lot of people do not know that the company is ran by a female and that RJ management offers online management not one on one. People are also surprised to hear that we have members from all over the world.
Biggest business influences? 
I do not have any business influences, but I do like to keep up with Record labels and their success as far as having a big platform to help artist.
Define the media industry 
The media industry is a business filled with film, radio and television. The media industry is entertainment to the public. One of the highest paying careers.
If you could, what ways would you improve it? 
As a company we would help more indie artist get noticed by helping them work their business the right way and encourage them to stay independent.
Biggest artist/brands/influencers you worked with? 
We have three brand ambassadors that are working very professionally and on their way to the top, J. Fitts, Bali Baby and Atari Jones. All recording artist. We have booked WillthaRapper for an performance before as well.
Any dream public figures or brands you want to work with? 
We would love to work with Tracee Ellis Ross and pick her brain as well as Diddy an icon who has been in the music and business industry for quite some time.
Any shout outs? 
Would love to shout out all entrepreneurs and members on our website who believe in our vision.
Any website specials going on?
We have coupons for April as we do most months just contact us!

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