The DMV Daily Interviews: Sean Bakers Films, an upcoming black film production company

Pryce Jones is a musician, writer, producer, creator of out the mud series, and now a co-owner of Sean Baker films LLC.   Pryce Jones and Nyla D.T have started a black-owned production company where the niche is to create visuals about the black community struggles and successes giving the audience black authentic content to see.  The power couple has launched their new business on May 30th, 2020

I recently interviewed the CEOs of Sean Baker Films about his venture into film production and what spark this idea for a new endeavor. Here’s what the two had to say…

Q: What is the purpose or mission of this production company?

Sean: The purpose of Sean Baker Films is to tell our stories from the bad to good. We’re also aiming to tell the youth stories of America, like what the average teen or young adult is faced with being a minority in America. That’s our niche but we’re also just aiming for all realistic black authentic stories overall.

Q: Why the name Sean baker films?

Sean: Brand decision.

Q: How can someone with a fresh idea go about making a film within this company?

Sean: Getting the right budget first and foremost. You can have the best idea in the world, but if you do not have the resources to make it happen, it can get challenging to still produce high-quality projects. Knowing the right people goes a long way too. Sometimes if you cannot solve your problem, a good friend can.

Q: What kind of stories will you tell and What Industries will You Specialize In?

Sean: At Sean Baker Films, we want to retell the stories that the people our ages watched with our cousins at 13 and 14 years old, you know, the BET classics…but in expanded and visually captivating mediums. The story of the young talented minority adolescent dealing with socioeconomic and domestic oppression is one that can be told in more than 1000 ways.  We particularly work in the film and music industries

Q: Any upcoming projects?

Sean: Over the next two years, we are looking to have at least one completed feature film, a tv series, and much more. Which will include the “Out the Mud” tv series & “Family Secrets”

Q: The hardest thing about having a business?

Sean: The hardest thing about having a business is managing multiple opinions and making sure that everyone is on one page. It is completely impossible to make sure everyone is 100% satisfied, but I try to make sure no matter what everyone on my team feels respected and a part of organized production.

Nyla: For me, the most difficult thing about owning a business is having a good work-life balance. This does not mean committing my time 50/50 to work and my personal life. However, I do try to make sure my designated time for either isn’t interrupted from distractions. Even with Sean, it can be difficult to not let movie night run too late to where we cannot wake up for a call, or work so much and not make intimate time for each other.

Q: One film you would love to recreate? what would you add or change?

Sean: Friday would be fun to recreate.

Q: Someone from your area you would love to put in a movie?

Sean: Allen Payne. He’s from New York and played on New Jack City and Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne. I admire how he plays a wide range of roles, the fact that the range of those two roles from those shows alone requires skilled character agility to impress me.

Nyla:  I don’t know if she’d be up to it, but creatively I would love for Tierra Whack to fill a dope female role in one of our projects. You know how some musicians just have that film acting vibe? I get that from her.



Have a pilot to film? Need a documentary created? turning scripts into visuals with Sean Baker Films LLC Email:


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